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Chris Webber Fab 5 Member

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A Fab 5 member with five NBA All Star and 10 Playoff appearances 2021 Hall of Famer Chris Webber was born on March 01, 1973,6′ 9″ and weighs 245 lbs and was undoubtedly one of the the best power forwards in NBA.  Arriving in Michigan in 1991 he joined Jalen RoseJimmy King, Ray Jackson and Juwan Howard to create the Fab Five taking college basketball by storm and the Wolverines to the championships in 1992 and 1993.

He was the number 1 pick in the NBA draft in 1993 also getting Rookie of the Year that season with the Golden State Warriors. He then got into trouble with the law being indicted and convicted of taking money and criminal contempt.  School and college achievements were stripped from his record.

During his NBA career he also played 2 seasons with the Golden State Warriors, and 4 seasons with the Washington Wizards, and 7 seasons with the Sacramento Kings, and 3 seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers and 1 season with the Detroit Pistons.

Only late in his career did he finally redeem himself to the powers that be in the NBA finally being inducted to the hall of fame in 2021.  Some of his career achievements include –

Scoring 51 points on Jan 5, 2001 Sacramento Vs Indiana and 26 Rebounds in the same game.

13 assists on April 18, 2000 Sacramento Vs Seattle.

9 blocks February 7, 1999 Sacramento Vs Vancouver.

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