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Who Is Better? Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

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Who has been the best quarterback in the NFL?  Manning or Brady?

MANNING:  As far as regular season stats go, he is the man, holding 5 MVP awards as well as appearing in multiple Super Bowls but only once tasting the sweet victory of winning it.  His stats are incredible and started his professional career in 1994 playing third string quarterback in college football for the University of Tennessee Volunteers.

BRADY:  On the other hand this man has been on the winning side of 7 Super Bowls, and the loosing side of 3.  He is the ultimate professional living, breathing the game to ensure he is mentally and physically at his best each time he plays.  A big game player with nerves of steel.  He started his professional career in 1996 with Michigan College but was not then regarded as a real prospect with ‘unimpressive’ performances according to NFL scouts.

Both have shown longevity with Brady playing 21 seasons with a final one year contract and Peyton 18 seasons now retired.


Who do you reckon is the better?

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