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Why Michigan Basketball Is Better Than Ohio State, From A Buckeyes Fan

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When those guys that play for that team in Ann Arbor defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes on Sunday afternoon in a rivalry weekend college basketball game, it took a major hit to the standings in the Big 10. The Ohio State University dropped to second in the Big 10, behind Michigan State University. That team in Ann Arbor played a ridiculously well balanced game on Sunday, but one of the more remarkable statistics is that that team in Ann Arbor improved their record to 8-1 when holding their opponents to less than 70 points. Mo Wagner played with a major chip on his shoulder, and even though Jae’Sean Tate had 20 points and 15 rebounds, The Ohio State went down in a marquee matchup. That team in Ann Arbor is just historically better at basketball than the Ohio State, and here is the dreadful article as to why this is true.

That school in Ann Arbor has won an equal number of national championships as the Ohio State: 1. The Ohio State won their NCAA men’s basketball championship in 1960, and that school in Ann Arbor won their national championship in 1989 under Steve Fisher after Bill Freider took the Arizona State job. Steve Fisher, before revitalizing San Diego State University, assembled a revolutionary rotation in the early 1990s. The Fab Five, as they became known, changed the course of basketball. Prior to the Fab Five’s arrival, the overwhelming majority of basketball players still wore hip hugger style shorts and wore white socks. That school in Ann Arbor and Steve Fisher allowed those five freshman, specifically Jalen Rose and Chris Webber, to alter college basketball in a beautiful way. The stylistic changes to the game of basketball as well as the way the game was played in Ann Arbor made the Wolverines the place to be in the 1990s. Ann Arbor would be a great place for basketball players to develop and add to the rich history that began with Steve Fisher and the Fab Five. It is definitely a much better situation to enter than it would be in Columbus.

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